Viva Las Vegas

I love Vegas!  It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  These pics are some of my favorites from my trips.  The dolphin close to the glass is one of my all-time favorite pics.  There’s so much to see that every time I go I discover something new and even though it has a serious dark side Vegas is fun to photograph.  I love the variety in the different casinos, you can make it appear you’ve been photographing architecture from all over the world.  The Venetian is probably my favorite because it’s just such a beautiful building.  Modern with classic beauty.


angelfloating umbrellas mgmlion100_0166 100_0188 100_0199100_0292100_0288DSC02448 DSC02462 DSC02464 umbrellsaadkdfjawpeiofjaw

DSC02269 DSC02240 DSC02221DSC02220

100_0262 thecastle

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