Palouse Falls

canyonsPalouse Falls State Park is about a 2 hour drive from me and is now added to my list of “most beautiful places I’ve ever visited”, granted my travel list is short but I think even a seasoned traveler would be impressed by the view.   You travel on roads surrounded by dry flat lands and you begin to doubt any water could exist here, even travelling with nothing for so long you might question your carefully planned navigation.  Down a winding road I dubbed “rollercoaster road” (serious curves and hills), a short gravel road before arriving at the park, seeing nothing but you can hear the roar of the falls.  A short walk and there you are in front of the view you see below.  Trails are plenty but not clearly marked.  Next time I hope to get down by the water but for now this was an amazing trip and well worth the drive.  Palouse Falls 115
Palouse Falls 127
Palouse Falls 131 Palouse Falls 137 Palouse Falls 145 Palouse Falls 146 Palouse Falls 162Palouse Falls 170Palouse Falls 159 Palouse Falls 112 Palouse Falls 111 Palouse Falls 110 Palouse Falls 108 canyoe

Palouse Falls 177 Palouse Falls 182 Palouse Falls 213 Palouse Falls 217 Palouse Falls 224 Palouse Falls 247 Palouse Falls 252 Palouse Falls 274 Palouse Falls 275 Palouse Falls 281 Palouse Falls 298 Palouse Falls 327Palouse Falls 324  Palouse Falls 285   Palouse Falls 289Palouse Falls 287  Palouse Falls 242   Palouse Falls 219Palouse Falls 209  Palouse Falls 198  Palouse Falls 186

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