Newport, Washington

I’ve been slacking lately on my picture taking or even going through previous pictures to add to the blog so I’m going to set a goal of posting at least once a week.

The weather is nicer and I’ve been out and about.  This weekend during a visit to my parents’ place I took a 3-mile walk around my hometown, Newport, Washington, a tiny town North of Spokane.  I walked around from the perspective of a tourist taking pics of places I’ve walked past hundreds of times, a park I played in as a kid, and the streets I walked to go to school.

Newport 002(1) Newport 013 Newport 014 Newport 097 Newport 133 Newport 136 Newport 147Newport 149Newport 141Newport 010 Newport 011 Newport 015 Newport 044 Newport 046 Newport 049 Newport 055 Newport 065 Newport 129 Newport 137 Newport 139 Newport 140  Newport 151

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