The Gum Wall-Seattle

Walk right next to Pike Place Market and down a small walkway to arrive in Post Alley, home of among other things The Gum Wall.  One of the most interestingly weird places in Seattle and someplace I had never visited in all my years so I definitely wanted to check it out.  It is exactly as described, walls covered in gum…gum spelling people’s names, initials, words, phrases, flowers, penises, for some reason lots of the last one.  Also business cards, photos, scraps of paper, all stuck to the wall with gum.  It was an experience and fun to photograph.  I even got in on the action and even though it felt kind of gross, I left my mark on The Gum Wall   😉

Seattle April 151 Seattle April 146Seattle April 148  Seattle April 141 Seattle April 139 Seattle April 131Seattle April 149 Seattle April 136 Seattle April 142 Seattle April 140 Seattle April 132

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