Fields of the Palouse

More pics from the Kamiak Butte County Park hike.  It’s a beautiful hike.  You start out in the forest and climb up to the summit to see these amazing views.  These views are what people hike to the summit to see.  The beautiful patchwork appearance of the fields is breathtaking.  I look forward to coming back at different times of the year to see the change in the fields.

Kamiah Butte April 093Kamiah Butte April 057Kamiah Butte April 002Kamiah Butte April 001Kamiah Butte April 292Kamiah Butte April 259Kamiah Butte April 239Kamiah Butte April 211Kamiah Butte April 127Kamiah Butte April 146Kamiah Butte April 152Kamiah Butte April 191Kamiah Butte April 144

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