I went on a hike Friday to Kamiak Butte State Park so my next few posts will be the pics from that hike.  I only took about 300 🙄  so I’ve spent the last couple days sorting through some of my favorites.  Here are the wildflowers.  The first pic below is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  The lighting, the flower, everything just worked.  I tried to take another one but it didn’t come out the same, sometimes it just takes a single, random shot.

Kamiah Butte April 030

Kamiah Butte April 072 Kamiah Butte April 077 Kamiah Butte April 254 Kamiah Butte April 084 sunflowerback sunflowersolo2sunpaintsKamiah Butte April 171 Kamiah Butte April 182 Kamiah Butte April 101

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