Flowers of Kamiak Butte

Plus a few random pics….As promised more pictures from the Kamiak Butte hike.  The wildflowers were outstandingly beautiful during this time of year and I couldn’t get enough pictures of the Indian paintbrushes with colors varying from light pink to deep red.  Also, if anyone knows what the little white flowers are that seem to be growing out of the leaves are I would love to know.  I did a quick search with no success but I’m super curious because I’d never seen them before and they were so interesting.

I’m going to do my best to post more consistently especially since I’m out hiking more and getting some great shots.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

0071KamiakButte 0080KamiakButte0076KamiakButte0073KamiakButte 0074KamiakButte  0078KamiakButte 0079KamiakButte 0081KamiakButte 0090KamiakButte 0077KamiakButte 0075KamiakButte 0070KamiakButte


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