The Woodpecker and the Butterflies

Yesterday I was feeling a bit stir crazy so I knew I had to get out and explore but I also didn’t want to drive too far so I decided to head out to Kamiak Butte again.  It’s only 30 minutes away and with all my picture taking only takes a few hours to complete.  I could probably cut that time by an hour if I didn’t have to take 400 pictures 😉

It was beautiful and there were more flowers (I’ll have more pics in a second post) than last time plus tons of butterflies.  The highlights of the day were definitely the butterflies and the woodpecker!  I spent half of my last hike trying to see one so imagine my excitement at not only seeing one but also getting to snap some pictures.

The colors of the fields are stunning, a true patchwork view of the earth, and one of my favorite sights.  I find it challenging to fully translate the view into pictures but I try.  Hope you enjoy!

0098KamiakButte 0097KamiakButte 0096KamiakButte  0099KamiakButte 0092KamiakButte 0091KamiakButte 0089KamiakButte 0088KamiakButte 0087KamiakButte 0086KamiakButte 0085KamiakButte

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