Ducks and a Hawk

I spent part of my evening walk talking blurry pictures of baby ducks.  I really need to try some in an action mode because once those ducks spot me they start moving but I did manage to capture at least one shot with one of the ducklings.

I later crossed the street from my usual walking path and noticed a larger bird in the grass that at first glance I thought was a pheasant simply based on the size but then I realized the body shape was not right.  As I tentatively inched closer he flew away revealing he was a hawk.

Mystery solved.  He perched on top of a tree just far enough I couldn’t get any clear shots of him but just close enough to create a beautiful silhouette against the amazing colors of the sunset.  There’s also one of the sunset plus one of some tree leaves in the sun with some great colors.  Hope you enjoy!  .


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