Latah Trail

Monday I was riding on the highway near my home when I noticed a hint of orange creeping up toward the road.  Poppies!  I knew I had to get out to photograph them this week.  Today I planned a 4 mile walk but ended up walking 8.  Once I’m outside it’s tough to want to go back inside especially on a beautiful day like today.

The trail I explored today is Latah Trail, which runs between Moscow and Troy.  It’s part of a series of trails including the Chipman Trail, which runs between Moscow and Pullman.  Also, the Ed Corkhill Trail that runs between Kendrick and Juliaetta.  The only one I haven’t been on is the last one but it’s on my list.  These are paved trails great for biking, running, or walking.

Today is an assortment of shots but mostly it’s all about the poppies because the color is so outstandingly beautiful.


Western Meadowlark-I spent about 10 minutes listening to this bird then whistling and loving when he whistled back 🙂

0303LatahTrail 0304LatahTrail 0309LatahTrail 0310LatahTrail 0311LatahTrail   0300LatahTrail 0302LatahTrail 0306LatahTrail 0314LatahTrail


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