Ducks and More

More pics from last week.  Squirrels, ducks, and my new favorite tree.  The pink tipped leaves you see are from a European tricolor Beech.  I fell in love with the colors on these leaves, so stunning and unique.  Also, the bird I thought was just an ordinary blackbird but once he turned in the sun I was in awe of the beautiful colors.  He is a Brewer’s Blackbird.

This first pic is one of my favorites, although I think the highlight of this photo set is the ducklings.  I’ve been trying to capture pics of the duck family by my house but can’t seem to get any clear shots so I was happy to see a family of ducks on my last walk at the arboretum.  The ducklings were so adorable!  Hope you enjoy the pics!


0045Garden 0046Garden 0056Garden0053Garden0039Garden 0049Garden 0048Garden 0042Garden


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