Idler’s Rest

If you’re following my other blog or my Facebook page (TKay Photography) you’ve probably already seen some of these but I think there’s a couple new ones in the mix.

It’s funny how even in a small city you can find places you’ve never been before and Idler’s Rest is one of those places for me.  I’ve taken to calling myself a hometown tourist as I continue to explore places within an hour or less of me.  Less than 20 minutes down the road from my apartment and I was turning into the small parking lot at Idler’s Rest, unsure of which way to go I took to the closest path.  This path was a quick loop so I checked the map and crossed the road to find more trails in a beautiful forested area, much better for exploring and photographing.

I’ve got plenty more places to explore and the one I’m looking forward to most is next week’s or maybe tomorrow if I get ambitious to a spot I just heard about with some amazing waterfalls and it’s only about an hour away so I think it’s the perfect day trip.  As always, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

0004IdlersRest 0003IdlersRest 0007IdlersRest 0018IdlersRest 0006IdlersRest
0010IdlersRest 0011IdlersRest - Copy  0019IdlersRest 0021IdlersRest 0022IdlersRest 0001IdlersRest0014IdlersRest0013IdlersRest0012IdlersRest - Copy


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