Beautiful Birds

I’ve never considered myself a big fan of birds but the more I explore the more I find myself shifting into the category of birdwatcher.  Each time I spot a new one when I’m out exploring my first thought is “What kind of bird is that?”  They’re so many different species and right now I seem to be discovering even more because of migratory patterns (I’m learning).

When I start going through my pics when I see a bird I don’t know I begin the research.  Thank you Google for helping me find “small brown bird with a long beak”, “shiny blackbird”, and “yellow and black bird”.

This collection of photos includes a yellow-headed blackbird,tree sparrow, house wren, red winged blackbird, quail, and blackbirds.

0005Birds 0006Birds 0007Birds 0008Birds 0009Birds 0010Birds 0011Birds 0012Birds 0013Birds  0015Birds  0030Birds


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