Owls and a Sunset

After spending the day as a hermit watching TV and playing video games I decided I needed to get myself outside for a quick walk.  I like to go out before sunset so I can catch some sunset shots on my home along my usual route.  The sunset was beautiful so I decided to cross the street to see if I could get a shot without all the power lines.

I noticed these two lumps on the ground by a tree and was intrigued then when the lumps moved, explorer mode rather than rational person mode kicked in, and I inched my way closer.  It was getting dark and I couldn’t see for sure so I zoomed in with my camera to see owls!

I was so excited but the impending darkness and the need for zoom was making me wish I had a tripod with me.  I’m still learning and my camera is not top of the line but I upped my film speed setting and thankfully I did get a few shots.  Last night I thought they were great gray owls but looking again this morning I think they’re great horned owl teenagers 🙂  If anyone knows for sure please comment and let me know!

0041Birds 0043Birds 0044Birds 0040Birds


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