The Space Needle-Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

This was not an easy challenge for me.  I couldn’t come up with anything at first then once I did I began to question and overthink my choice but I finally settled on a symbol.  I began to think of something that means something to me, something that represents more to me than what people initially see.

The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.


Sun Halo around the Space Needle

Growing up in a small town family trips to Seattle were like trips to a new world, one with lots of people, opportunities, and art.  Almost every trip involved a walk through Seattle Center to see the sites including the Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle.  There is so much more to Seattle than the Space Needle but I always feel both excitement and comfort when I see it, like I’m finally home.

Now as I try to find a job in that area I realize it continues to represent the city I love, opportunity, art, happiness, and a chance for change.  Hope you enjoy!

seattle cover

One of my all-time favorite shots. This is the Space Needle with Chihuly glass in the foreground.


The mural ampitheater. I was so excited by this shot because this was the first day I’d been where no people were on the stage.

cloudyneedle005Seattle June 476


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