Green Lake Flowers

I took a bit of a hiatus from this blog.  Full time job, other blog, Facebook page, life, things get busy but I’m going to try to post on here at least once a week.  These are some of my favorite pics from a recent trip to Green Lake in Seattle, Washington.  I’ll have another post with more of the fall foliage and the lake but I fell in love with these shots from a random flower garden.  Hope you enjoy!

0001Green Lake Flowers 0002Green Lake Flowers 0003Green Lake Flowers 0004Green Lake Flowers 0005Green Lake Flowers 0006Green Lake Flowers 0007Green Lake Flowers 0008Green Lake Flowers 0009Green Lake Flowers

Random side note…Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Gum Wall Photo so if you get a chance, check it out!  Only takes a couple clicks, no signing up for anything, or entering email, just click to vote 🙂

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